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Production Line

We have enormous production capacity which was secured by harnessing the most advanced machinery in the world. We also have two manufacturing sites equipped to entirely process and produce all kinds of tiles and slabs as well as treating and installing all stone kinds.


At present, Al-Bahr al-Ahmar possess the latest discovery of Egyptian marble: Nova Marble, which was extracted in 2017 from one of the largest quarries in Sinai. We produce nearly 1000 cubic meters of Nova Marble which are being distributed to many other suppliers worldwide only through our company and our own quarries.


We use 16 polishing machines, and after finalizing the polishing process our experts apply appropriate treatments for slabs to provide the best quality for all materials.

Al-Bahr al-Ahmar Company offers a wide range of special post-treatments for slabs, which include epoxy, polyester and ultraviolet radiation.  


We use the latest technology in conjunction with modern chemicals to produce high quality tiles that are ready for easy installation. Our machines produce precise and uniform shapes and cut tiles with one thickness.

Quality Control

We adopt a high-quality control system on all produced slabs and tiles in a bid to ensure the highest quality of all products and strengthen the satisfaction of all customers.


We pack the tiles uniformly in 1 cm wooden boxes. The tiles are first packed into Styrofoam boxes then being loaded into shipping crates. Each tile is individually wrapped inside plastic sheets and placed together with sides facing each other to protect against rips and keep them shiny until they find their way into the customers hands.

Sustainable Production

Since achieving the sustainable development is one of our core values, our factories fully operate using renewable energy and integrated system for recycling water. Among the very few companies that follow sustainable production patterns, Al-Bahr al-Ahmar employs a water recycling system that presses all the wastes out of our production line and exports it to other industries such as manufacturing hygiene products and finishing materials.

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Production line