Triesta Marble , The best marble ever.

Trieste is one of the most famous types of Egyptian marble, and it comes in several different colors, including gray and light brown, in the form of granules cohesive. This type of marble is sometimes called (Pearl of Sinai), and is used for flooring and wall purposes.

Trieste Marble can be used to decorate the exterior wall (cladding), the facades and entrances of houses, or even the floors, as well as in the kitchens and bathrooms. It is also used in the exterior facades of the high buildings and towers.

The most important feature of this type is that it is not affected by water or grease and also retains the color whatever it was the exposure to the factors usually affecting colors of marble.

Trista comes in distinctive designs that commensurate with all ages and different tastes, being one of the finest stones in shape terms. It can be shiny or lusterless as desired by the customer. Cutting and finishing are made with the best machines and specialized equipment to produce the marble with wonderful shine and glow. This also allows the marble to bear different climatic conditions and absorb heat slowly, although this makes its price a bit higher.

  • Category : Marble
  • Material Type : Egyptian marble (Local)

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