Samaha Marble , The best marble ever.

Egyptian Samaha Marble

Egyptian Samaha is considered one of the best types of marble in the world, due to the quality of its materials and multiple colors.

Samaha has these great features as Egypt enjoys natural advantages such as the dry weather and low rainfall. This makes Egypt one of the few countries in the world that has its rocks not affected by different weather factors whilst maintain their colors and natural forms without any changes.

The Samaha ore is extracted from the ground in two colors, namely white and cream.

Samaha is marked by the same features that distinguish other Egyptian marble products including the hardness and non-lightness of the outer shell, low percentage of salinity and consistency of colors and lobes.

Samaha is one of basic marble types that the Egyptian market and users depend on in decoration and embellishment. This type has also many different colors such as light white, light and dark creamy.

The product is not only traded in Egypt but also exported to many other countries.

  • Category : Marble
  • Material Type : Egyptian marble (Local)

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