Khatmia Marble , The best marble ever.

Khatmia is one of the best available types of Egyptian marble in the market, which is famous for its strong annual sales. Khatmia marble is distinguished by its luxury and high-ranking. Therefore, Khatmia's owners actually own a treasure, and only those with impeccable taste who select this superior marble class.  

Khatmia marble is available in many nice colors such as brown and beige with gray. In addition, it always appears in unique designs that give the house a special luster and so perfectly succeeds in changing the decor entirely.

Khatmia is cut, cleaned and polished in a very special and modern manner. You can easily find this marble type in big companies, palaces, offices and hotels due to its prefect quality and as it offers special shapes suitable to those categories.  

Our company possess the best machines and equipment for cutting and polishing our products in order to satisfy all customers.

  • Category : Marble
  • Material Type : Egyptian marble (Local)

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