Golden cream

Golden cream

Golden cream Marble , The best marble ever.

What do you know about the marble granite golden cream?

The marble had been used as a construction material, and also in many other purposes related to finishing of buildings and decorations. The marble material is considered as a highly durable and hardened material that has been innovated from a thousand of years ago. Marble is high quality material that formats under extreme conditions of heating and pressure. The marble granite is considered as one type of calcareous rocks that is extracted from quarries then remanufactured and prepared for the different purposes of floors, walls, staircases decorations. Marble granite is characterized by specific a characteristic, which has beauty and attractive colors also that appears as natural by 100%, without any industrial intervention.

The granite marble has a high sense of luxury and sophistication.

So that is a best choice for palaces and villas and high buildings decorations.

Granite marble is characterized by durability and hardness, in addition to its various types, colors, prices and that is available with different thicknesses reaches about 1.6, 2, 3, 4, 5 cm.

The customers have more varieties to choice from it what suits for his desires and material capabilities.

The most famous counties specialize in marble industry are Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Italy and Egypt.

The Egyptian marble is characterized by its high quality and colorful and attractive colors.

So that is so unique and attractive.

The Egyptian granite marble is available with different colors such as, Beige with different shades of dark and light and soft rose, yellow, sandy, gold, gray and light black.

What are the uses of marble granite golden cream?

There are many uses of marble granite golden cream in different constructions and decorations purposes such as:

  • - Covering the internal walls.
  • - Covering the floors.

Covering the bathroom's walls.-

Covering Heaters' surfaces.-

Using in bathroom decorations-

Using for beautification of furniture-

  • Making Kitchen tubs
  • Constructing stairs.

Using in different artworks.  -

Building the cemeteries.-

Decorating the entrance of palaces and villas.-

Creating of monuments and antiques.-

Manufacturing of water fountains-

Covering of swimming pools and gardens-

  • Making counter of restaurants.

What are the advantages of marble granite golden cream?

No one can deny the quality of the Egyptian industry in the manufacture of marble around of the worldwide.

Here the marble granite golden cream comes with high standard of quality and hardness also, that is available with multi colors.

The cost of the Egyptian marble granite golden cream is cheaper than its competitors around the world

What are the available styles for Egyptian marble granite golden cream?

Marble pieces according to customer's desire-

Large of marble slabs.-

Marble terraces.-

Cables of marble-

  What are available styles for Egyptian marble granite golden cream?

There are many different thicknesses of Egyptian marble granite golden cream which are suitable for all of its customers 'purposes and uses such as (1.6 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm). So, there is no need to worry about the thickness of Egyptian marble granite golden cream.

What are the different surfaces styles of Egyptian marble granite golden cream?

The Egyptian marble granite golden cream comes with varies   surfaces styles, in order to suit its all different customers' desires and needs.

There are large marble slabs with thick surfaces, while others have glossy and sable surfaces.

Also, there are marble's surfaces which had been treated with acids. 

  • Category : Marble
  • Material Type : Egyptian marble (Local)

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Golden cream