Galala Marble , The best marble ever.

Galala is the most popular type of Egyptian marble and it's well known to all market participants. This type is common in most of Egyptian architectural works and is also the bestselling marble due to its low price which makes it accessible to everyone. This is in addition to its reasonable quality and wonderful appearance. Galala is recognized by its distinct beige color.

Galala is characterized by its classical form and it can be frequently seen on the floors and walls facades. This type of marble is available in many forms including the one called Alnmr which is distinguished by several lines. Another form is called Aldowaa and can be recognized by its glitter plus the beige and golden colors.

Galala is also known as the popular marble in Egypt. It is one of the most famous types of Egyptian marble in the world markets, especially the Chinese market, and this includes the famous types of Galala (plain, lobes and reds).

Galala is often installed in the floors and buildings' entrances, stairs and towers, but inside the houses you will find it more common in the kitchens.

  • Category : Marble
  • Material Type : Egyptian marble (Local)

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